Friday, July 31, 2009

another blink 182!!

blink-182 has teamed with yet another artist by the name of Acorn to create this limited edition toy bunny. The bunny is 3 inches tall and full of fury. There will also be a 40cm tall version to follow limited to only 250 pieces.


blink 182 is on tour!!

congrats blink 182 sbb dh kembali bersatu. u guys rock!!

aku sker music yg diorunk buat.
sgt best!
skung diorunk dh kembali blk, aku tgh tgu album br diorunk.
tp skung diorunk tgh sibok wat tour.
ntah bler la album br nk kuar kn. haish.
btw blink 182 telah bekerjasama dgn Artist Maxx242 utk buat special limited edition silk screened poster utk diorunk nye tour.
n blink 182 mascot crappy dh bertukar! weehoo!!

new look of crappy punk rock!

n merchandise blink 182!!

Lenka lenka!

lenka is coming!!

Australian songbird Lenka will be gracing our shores from 1 – 5 August with a line-up of promotional activities, including a showcase-cum-autograph session.

For those who are unfamiliar with the name, Lenka’s first single “The Show” is currently featured in the TM commercial.

Organised by Sony Music with TM as the main partner, the showcase is scheduled to take place at 1 Utama New Wing main entrance on 2 August at 3.30pm. Lenka will be performing songs from her self-titled album together with her five-piece band.

Fans who want to get their album signed by Lenka should bring along a copy to the showcase.

The showcase will also feature two opening acts, namely Amy Mastura and Aliff Aziz.

lenka-the show.

yahoo i did it again!

hye everyone..
its been awhile since i update my blog.
nway skung pown cam malas je nk update blog.
but i try me'rajin kn diri utk update ok.

nway last nite i went to lepaq performing art cafe to check out their new place.
b4 dis kt sri hartamas skung dh pindah kt kelana mall.
dh la aku xpena pergi sane n xpena dengar pn kelana mall tue. skada.
well parking murah je. 50sen je 1 jam. but after 11pm kena rm6! skadang.

aku lak bly smpi kul 10.10pm.
smpi2 aku tanye la guard kt situ lepaq ktne.
dier pn xpaham aku ckp pe, n aku pn x paham dier ckp pe. lg skada.
aku crk la sendiri.
jumpe jgk.
kt 2nd floor k.
tmpt dier not bad la.
aku lg sker tym kt hartamas dlu.
lg best n ramai org.
skung nie cm x ramai je org dtg. xtau la nape. mayb sbb tmpt cm x best kot.

aku enjoy jela show kt situ jap.
lepaq wat free show mlm tue. mean sape2 nk perform pn bly.
tp x ramai sgt yg perform. tp best! hehe.
aku pn teringin gk nk perform kt situ tp 'band' aku lak asyk busy je. haih.
nway lepaq nie sesuai utk smer lapisan masyarakat.
bdk2 yg perform smer berbakat. diorunk indie kot sbb tue aku xpena dengar lagu diorunk.
nway gd luck!
x sangka gk byk band indie kt m'sia nie.
tp industri music kite x berapa bgs sgt skung.
but do support our local artist! ecey~ hehe.
aku pn br nk support.
tepat kul 10.50pm aku chow. sbb klu kul 11pm nnt parking mahal lak.

ok. nway klu korunk nk g lepaq cafe tue nie address dier,
lepaq cafe.
2nd floor kelana mall,
jln ss 6/12,
kelana jaya.