Sunday, December 6, 2009 Showcase

Venue: Myevo Clubhouse, Pandan Indah
Admission: RM12
Date : 19/12/2009
Time : 2pm - 8pm

“What Malaysia will we wake up to today?”

Since the last General Election, Malaysians have been treated to so many visions, dreams, and hopes for new Malaysia(s), yet how much has really changed? With so many ‘surprises’ that each new day brings, how do we keep sane? How do we stay safe? How do we respond to these events?

Or is the saying still true, that “the night is darkest just before dawn”?

Wayang Fajar, the first part of the ‘Wayang Cahaya’ series, is a performance of stories inspired by the many dawns we – and Malaysia – experience. The project continues Fahmi Fadzil and gang’s ongoing explorations into urban forms of wayang.

The project also brings together many of Kuala Lumpur’s most exciting young artists, including singer-songwriter Azmyl Yunor, performer-writer-dalang Fahmi Fadzil, visual designer Grey Yeoh, architect Lisa Foo, writer-photographer Myra Mahyuddin, musician Ronnie Khoo (of Furniture) and writer Zedeck Siew.

About Projek Wayang

Projek Wayang was initiated in 2006, as part of Five Arts Centre’s Krishen Jit Experimental Workshop Series. At that point in time, the principal collaborators – Aziz Ali, Azmyl Yunor, and Fahmi Fadzil – were interested in searching for new forms of wayang that responded to the urban, contemporary environment such as Kuala Lumpur.

Projek Wayang has performed at various events and festivals, including Live Arts Festival, Bangkok (Wayang Buku & Wayang Lampu, 2007), Urbanscapes (Wayang Lampu, 2008) and the Contemporary Arts in School (CAIS) project (Wayang Buku, 2008).

Project Collaborators

Azmyl Yunor is a singer-songwriter and lecturer in several local colleges. Through Troubadours, Azmyl and several other friends have been organizing a number of gigs, known as KL Sing Song, that have courted much public attention as a platform to highlight young and old Malaysian singer-songwriter talent. Apart from that, he always performs with a number of bands in the Klang Valley, and has released a critically-acclaimed EP, Tenets, in 2005.

Fahmi Fadzil is a performer and writer. He is a member of arts collective Five Arts Centre, a partner with graphic and multimedia design studio Bright Lights At Midnight, and principal coordinator of wayang experimentation group Projek Wayang. He was the recipient of the ‘Mandarin Oriental Fan of the Arts Award for Most Promising Artist’ at the 2007 BOH Cameronian Arts Awards, and theatre finalist for the Rolex Mentor and Protege Arts Initiative (2008/2009 cycle).

Grey Yeoh is a graduate of The One Academy of Communication Design majoring in Multimedia design. Last year, he co-curated the Emergency Festival by Five Arts Centre. More recently, he was the visual designer for Gostan Forward: a solo performance lecture by Marion D’Cruz. He was also selected by the British Council to participate in the 48 Hours Inclusive Design Challenge in Seoul, Korea earlier this year.

Lisa Foo is the co-founder of FOTA Design in 2007, a design practice in architecture, interior and sculpture. Graduated with BA in Architecture from the University of New South Wales, Sydney at the end of 2003, and after a spell of almost two years with a large commercial practice, Lisa has reveled in the opportunity to design an experimental private house in Kuala Lumpur to strike out on her own. Her involvement in the arts emerged in November 2007 when she was an artist participant at numerous Arts for Grabs events organized by The Annexe Gallery, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur. In the event, her collaboration with her friend formed LFSS and created luminous eco-light sculpture from recycled plastic bottles.

Myra Mahyuddin is a writer and self-taught freelance photographer who has been involved in a number of theatre productions in the past few years. In June 2006, Myra made her performing debut, as well as choreographed, in Choreography for Non-Choreographers, a project by Marion D’Cruz. Myra is currently assistant editor of KLue, an urban youth culture magazine.

Ronnie Khoo is a musician and member of noise-rock outfit Furniture and no-wave punk act Ciplak, playing shows around the Klang Valley, Singapore and Bangkok. He records and produces works for his bands, and has contributed in recordings of other local acts such as Lucy in the Loo, Azmyl Yunor and Ferns. Much of his music has also been featured in television and film, including the KAMI series and movie, James Lee’s Before We Fall in Love Again, Woo Ming Jin’s The Elephant and the Sea and Eleanor Low’s Nasi Lemak Dinah.

Zedeck Siew is currently a writer with KLue, after spending time at news analysis repository The Nut Graph. He used to function as (variously) critic, feature writer and editor at, an online arts journal. He enjoys playing games and watching birds of various varieties.

Five Arts Centre is a collective of artists and producers dedicated to generating alternative art forms and images in the Malaysian creative environment. The collective’s scope of work includes theatre, dance, music, visual arts and young people’s theatre.

Since it was formed in 1984, Five Arts Centre has been committed to articulating multiple Malaysian identities and championing local creativity. Founded by theatre directors Chin San Sooi and Krishen Jit, and dancer-choreographer Marion D’Cruz, Five Arts has been instrumental in the growth of a Malaysian identity in the arts.

Today, the collective has grown to include 14 arts activists and practitioners from across the generations and disciplines. Current members of Five Arts Centre include Anne James, Chee Sek Thim, Chew Kin Wah, Fahmi Fadzil, Ivy N. Josiah, Janet Pillai, June Tan, Kubhaer T. Jethwani, Lew Chee Seong, Mac Chan, Marion D’Cruz, Mark Teh, Ravi Navaratnam, and Suhaila Merican.

For 25 years, Five Arts has been in the forefront of creating experimental, interdisciplinary and intercultural work, as well as providing platforms for the next generation of arts practitioners (including the Rhythm In Bronze gamelan ensemble and the ‘Directors’ Workshop’ training programme). Contemporary social and cultural issues impinging on Malaysian life are precipitated by the collective by way of exhibitions, performances, and creative and research workshops. Projects and performances have taken place in theatres, art galleries, dance clubs, schools, colleges, universities, offices, shopping malls, old mansions, squatter areas, low-cost flats, parks, futsal centres, and on the streets.

Over the past 25 years Five Arts Centre has produced over 90 plays, 13 dance productions, ten children’s theatre productions, nine music concerts, seven visual art events, several interdisciplinary events, an album of contemporary gamelan music, and over 100 workshops and training programmes. The company has also performed internationally in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cairo, Berlin and Manchester.

From 2004 to 2006, Five Arts Centre was manager of Arts Network Asia, a regional organisation supporting arts work in Asia.

In 2006, ASTRO and Five Arts Centre launched the Krishen Jit ASTRO Fund to support artistic work by Malaysians and others committed to the development of the arts in Malaysia.

Venue: The Annexe Gallery, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur.


Dates & Times: 3 shows

8.30pm, Friday 11 December & Saturday 12 December 2009.

3.00pm, Sunday 13 December 2009.

Happening in conjunction with Arts For Grabs!

Entry by donation: RM10 (available on performance days at The Annexe).

For more information, call/fax Five Arts Centre at 03-77254858, email or visit

Friday, November 27, 2009

selamat pengantin baru si gemok

credit to cikgu dier sbb make up adik aku lawa sgt2 :D

si gemok new face

gigi je baru :D

selamat hari raya aidil adha

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


hari sabtue lepas aku g la jamming ngn mmbr kt area cheras.

lame x jam sbb mmbr bz.

nk booking punye la susah coz nk cari time yg smer free.

tp tue pown lmbt dtg jgk.


kitorunk pown jam la cam beser.

guitarist aku sorg nie minat yuna, tp bler aku ajak main lagu yuna dier malu2 la plak.

pastue wat2 lupe :p


skada la popia! :p

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Art for Grabs @ the Annexe Gallery

The Annexe Gallery is looking for arts and crafts vendors for its Arts and Crafts Bazaar. If you wanna participate, here's the info:


Each lot is 5 ft wide and 5 ft deep, plus the wall behind you, and costs RM100 for two days. The awesome elevated lofts in both galleries are also available at negotiable prices. What you can sell: Paintings, Photos, Prints, Sketches, Sculptures, Films, Music, Books, Zines, T-shirts, Dolls, Accessories, Recycled, Found objects, etc. You can also use the booth to promote your arts/creative business.

more info click here

snow in Malaysia??

Msia MET dept says its impossible. what do u think?

if snow then we don't need to go to snow car wash again. just rumours i guess.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


u all should listen to this!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Brazil taught us a lesson says Wayne Rooney--yeah, u bet.

WAYNE ROONEY admitted England were taught a painful lesson by Brazil.

England's stand-in captain Rooney has warned his team mates they cannot afford to be caught cold again at the World Cup after claiming they needed a wake-up call against Brazil.

Manchester United striker Rooney admitted his big night was ruined by the Brazil defeat and says England must improve.

Rooney said: "We started really slow in the second half. You can't afford to do that against opposition like Brazil because they will punish you.

"It is obviously a great feeling to captain your country. I am very proud and it was a good night for myself but disappointing for the team.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

lagi lagi INDON!!


xtau la ape nk jadi kt MALAYSIA nie..

One Malaysia konon..

one malaysia ngan indon skali la?!


kat tv skung pown dh penuh ngn cter indon

cmne la cter melayu skung nak mendapat perhatian??

cmne? lu pikir la sendiri..kan nabil? :p

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The Homie Travis Barker came through yesterday to get a piece In Memory of DJ AM..

Monday, November 9, 2009

short horror film by comic con

MUST WATCH!! Time Traveler's Wife :D

this movie is really awsome, romantic and not boring at all for me lah. suitable for couples and married :D kids oso can but boring kot for them.

Adapted from author Audrey Niffenegger’s bestselling novel.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hujan’s “Mencari Konklusi” concert @ KL Live

Hujan will be organizing their “Mencari Konklusi” concert on the 22nd of November at KL LIVE –a concert that will end their Malaysian Tour that had initially begun at Kangar, Perlis and went through to Sungai Petani, Penang, Taiping, Ipoh, Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan, Melaka and Kota Bharu with the help of Harosa Enterprise and AlNajwa Productions Sdn Bhd.

Hujan’s last concert will be held at KL Live, Life Centre at Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur and this event will unquestionably promise endless of fond memories for their dear fans; who the band have proudly dubbed the “Raingers”. Don’t miss this event at KL Live, 22 November 2009 at 3pm.

Also, here’s an extra treat for all the concert-goers for this gig –Couple will also be performing at this event, as well as a guest band called D.I.A (Different In Action). So don’t even think of missing the “Mencari Konklusi” Concert!

Tickets will be sold at the price of RM 15 (for the early birds) and RM 20 (at the door). For more information on how to get hold of these tickets, contact 017-6537507 (Jiggy), 017-206 7904 (Alef) or 012 384 6990 (Nana).

Sunday, November 1, 2009

life's hardship

kadang2 biler kawan baik kita wat benda/perangai x elok atau benda yg salah kita mesti akan berdiam diri atau takot nak tegor dier diatas sebab2 seperti :-

a) xnk hilang kawan.
b) takot kena marah.
c) takot bergadoh.

untuk menjaga hati kawan, btol??

tapi apabila bf/gf kite buat salah atau benda yg kite x sker mesti kite:-

a) merajok.
b) x layan dier.
c) marah

btol?? kenape kite xbly wat mcm tue kt kawan baik kite??

orang yg kite paling sayang akan cepat terasa/makan hati jika kita salah tegor/marah kat dier..kan??

aku terfikir teori nie masa dpt mimpi mlm td..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

7 things youth should know about the 2010 Budget

1. Useless background trivia!

The 2010 Budget is the final budget of the 9th Malaysia Plan (9MP), a comprehensive blueprint laid out by the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) in 2006, under former PM Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Some trivia: 4 years ago, two men were caught peddling ganja in one of the EPU building's stairwells.

Next year's budget - totalling RM191.5 billion - is Najib's first, as PM; he is styling it as "a precursor to the 10th Malaysian Plan". Eager to show us he's got what it takes to be a recession-time premier, Najib wants Malaysia to "advance to a high-income economy", and "shift to a new economic model based on innovation".

Well, well. Tell us something we haven't heard before, Mr PM.

2. Income tax reductions! (yeah!!)

Income tax is how much the gov'mint shaves off your hard-earned salary. The 2010 Budget arrived with some good news in this respect: personal income tax relief is set to rise from RM8,000 to RM9,000; the maximum income tax rate gets a 1% reduction, from 27% to 26%.

All these means, theoretically, more cash for you to spend. The tax relief part seems mighty fine: If you earn RM30,000 a year, you get taxed as if you earned RM21,000. Wow, what great savings, right?

But the 2010 change itself is nothing to shout about. Do the math: out of that advertised RM1,000 figure, you'd really be saving, at most, a coupla hundred bucks -- and you stand to benefit more from this if you were earning more to begin with.

Which leads us to the maximum tax rate part. This percentile reduction only affects the highest income bracket of Malaysians - those who earn above RM100,000 a year, the proverbial fat cats - as these are the people from whom a maximum income tax can be levied.

All in all: YAY!!! from the captains of industry and their high-flying lifestyles. A much more modest cheer from the rest of us.

3. No increase on alcohol and cigarettes! (waht the hack??)--is PM oso smoke and drink r?

Conspicuously absent from Najib's 2010 Budget is the obligatory sin tax on commodities like alcohol and cigarettes - so you may rest easy in the knowledge that your vice of choice is merely astronomically expensive.

Still, remember that the government raised excise duty on cigarettes by 1 sen a stick earlier this month. And that wasn't the first time such hikes have been ninja-ed in. There was no rise in the Budget 2008 sin tax either - but cigarettes had already become more expensive a few months earlier, in July 2007.

4. A host of goodies for students! (yahoo!!)

If you are a student in tertiary education, you stand to benefit a fair bit from the 2010 Budget:

* 30 National Scholarships for the best of the best, "strictly based on merit";
* Conversion of PTPTN loans to scholarships for students who graduate with 1st-class honours;
* Netbook schemes (including free broadband service) to university students.

These seem like good things, actually. Hopefully, they get carried out effectively.

5. Better broadband!

Finally, an answer to our slow Internet woes!

If you pay taxes, you may be eligible for tax relief on broadband subscription fees of up to RM500 a year, from 2010 to 2012. There's going to be RM11.3 billion pumped into implementing high-speed broadband, too.

According to Najib, we can expect 10Mbps-speeds in the Klang Valley by March 2010. If not - well, it's not like we expect anyone to take responsibility for it ...

6. Cash for the creative industry!

You artsy types: rejoice! The 2010 Budget promises real nice RM200 million for the Malaysian creative industry, to boost "film, drama, music productions, animation, advertisements and local content production".

That's the most noteworthy of a 3-pronged approach the government is taking to encourage creative growth. It also seeks to formulate a Creative Industry Policy; and will establish a Tabung Kebajikan Penggiat Seni, "to ensure the welfare of artists", with a launching grant of RM3 million.

How these initiatives will be implemented is a big question, though. There's no consolidated data on the Malaysian creative industry, at the moment. And it's an open secret that, when times are bad, funding for the arts has traditionally been the first to go ...

7. Say goodbye to your credit cards!
(what the hell?)--but nvm i dnt have any yet :p

"To promote prudent spending", the government is going to levy an RM50 service charge for each of your principal credit cards, and RM25 on every supplementary card - regardless whether you are in debt or not. Be prepared to set a pair of scissors on some of your plastic.

There's been opposition to this, unsurprisingly. Number-crunching DAP member of parliament Tony Pua is arguing against the credit-card charge; Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has decried the tax as yet another burden on the rakyat.


Najib asserts that the Malaysian GDP will only fall 3%, better than previous projections of a 4% or 5% decrease. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, the Malaysian government debt averages at an estimated RM20,700 per citizen -- a burden young Malaysians will inherit.

The only people genuinely optimistic with Bajet 2010 are our dear friends, the (fictitious) Malaysian pornographers.

The All-American Rejects here again by DiGi Music Live

You can thank DiGi Music for giving you a second chance! Tyson Ritter, Mike Kennerty, Chris Gaylor and Nick Wheeler will be putting on a full concert this time around so expect more of everything – more energy, more theatrics and, oh joy, more songs. Supporting acts include Pop Shuvit (fresh from Japan!), Disagree and Love Me Butch, who share the same passion for pop-punk, no doubt fitting in seamlessly with the night's sound. This concert from the All-American Rejects is made possible with DiGi Music Live, marking a serious effort from DiGi Music to bring their new DiGi Music Unlimited web and mobile service to the forefront. This service, a first in Malaysia, allows a DiGi customer to enjoy unlimited downloads from a dedicated website for RM5 a month. Hence, the only way to get a ticket to this show is to subscribe to the service online. Once you do, however, you'll get to download songs from an extensive music library of hits sourced from Universal Music and Sony Music. One subscriber can redeem one pass to the concert but it's on a tight first-come first-served basis, so you have to hurry!

Buzzcocks Live In Kuala Lumpur

Buzzcocks are coming to Kuala Lumpur! This isn't one of them last hurrah things (they're playing One Café, and not Genting). We don't have all the details yet on the pop punk legends' imminent arrival, but what we do know is this: they'll be supported by Carburetor Dung, Free Love, Subculture, Gasoline Grenade and Dichi Michi. Tickets are only available at the door.

Venue: One Café
Date & Time: 04:00PM - 08 Nov 2009
Address: One Café, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100 Kuala Lumpur
E-mail: N/A | Website: N/A | Contact: N/A
Price: RM50

Sunday, October 18, 2009

si tahi lalat :p

at home we all call him talat :D


my lil bro :p

Friday, October 16, 2009


nie cter mase ari raye..

ader org cter kt aku..

kt shopping mall...

seorang nenek sedang mencari sesuatu,
tp x dier pergi tanye kt org yg jage counter..

nenek : dik, lampu jap ader..jap xder..jap ader..jap xder..ader??

mamat : owh..lampu kelip2 ke nek? (sambil tahan gelak)

nenek : yela tue..

haha..aku pown tergelak gak dengar cter nie.. klu dengar nada nenek tue tanye confirm la korunk pown gelak!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

fb games..

mlm smlm aku wat 8 emel and 8 account fb..

sbb nk dpt kan anjing lam barn buddy!


dh addicted dh..


giggles and cuddles


this is my new born guinea pig :p

name inspired from happy tree frens :p

Saturday, October 10, 2009


cant wait!!

my messy room

dont see the pictures of my room??

dats bcoz i dont want to show it la!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

my new pets :D

guinea pigs!!
a.k.a si gemuk!!

yg brown tue dier spiky.
yg white tue name dier pinky.

kuat mkn!!
ptt la gemuk.

mey je kan :D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

sofa ku terbakar~ pt 2.

selepas berbuke smlm aku tanye adik aku yg last skali..

aku : ajiq, smlm terbakar ajiq ngn mak jeke kt umah?

ajiq : a'a.

aku : time terbakar tue ajiq watpe?

ajiq : ajiq tolong mak menjerit skali.


skada tul bdk nie..

sofa ku terbakar~

smlm aku berbuke kt luar..
x sedar lak ader msg kt hp.
msg tue ckp " weyh umah kau terbakar"
aku cek la tym..kul 8.30 msg tue.
adeyh..aku cek jam skung kul 10.30.
aku col la mak aku.
x jwb lak.
aku dh cuak.
trus blk.
blok umah aku blackout.
so x clear.
aku tgk dr luar umah aku lampu menyala.
mcm xde pape je. aku naik la..tgk2 abes hitam kt luar umah aku.
br aku tau..bkn umah aku yg sofa yg nk buang kt dpn umah aku yg terbakar.
sebab bdk main mercun.
bengang je.
dh la time tue xde org kt umah sbb smer g terawih kt surau.
naseb baek ader org tlg padam kn.
aku dpt bdk tue siap!!
so pagi td kerja2 pembersihan dijalankn.
wat pnat je.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

how bout that :p

Monday, August 31, 2009

gunting rambut..

Friday, August 28, 2009


A man calls a deejay and says, "i've found a wallet with a hundred thousand ringgit inside. There's also a card that says 'Afiq Hamid, Jln Cempaka 7, Ampang'.
"So?" says the deejay. "what do you want us to do?"
" would you be so kind as to play the man a song?"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sengal di bulan puasa..

suatu ptg.. (1jam b4 berbuke)

sengal : weyh..smlm aku ajak lepak main gitar ko x dtg nape?

aku : aku kuar la pas terawih smlm..

sengal : pose x bly benda bertali ngn berlubang kan?

aku : benda yg berlubang??

sengal : kan gitar kapok ader lubang kt tgh.

aku : dodol. benda yg bertali jela! sengalan.

Friday, August 21, 2009


giler skada.
aku xtau nie iklan kt mane.
member aku yg bg.



Saturday, August 15, 2009

crappy shirt

kuih puasa??

bler time puasa je semua orang sibok fikir pasal raya..
btol x??
smer dh prepare ngn :-

a) kuih raya
b) baju raya
c) kasut raya

tue yg paling common la..

xde ke bler time puasa orang jual kuih puasa??



hehe.. aritue g makan kat yoshinoya.
best bangat!
try la :p

Friday, August 14, 2009


sebelum nie aku pernah dengar macam2 jenis gossip seperti :

A) gosip di pejabat.
B) gosip makcik2.
C) gosip kaum2 ibu.
D) gosip girl (favourite cter aku).
E) gosip nenek2 (pun ader).
F) gosip sekolah.

dan banayk lagi la jenis gosip.
tp korunk penah dengar x GOSIP BAS SEKOLAH??

memang skada.

p/s : klu ader gosip yg korunk tau..bgtau aku. mekasih :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

blurry night.

x dapat tengok meteor!!!!
sbb ujan petang and malam td.
ader lg mlm nie.

jam session

at wangsa melawati

description : studio sucks!!

my new gf :D


now i can post blog with a smile on my face :D


Monday, August 10, 2009

DSLR (Demam Single Lens Reflex camera)




skung nie musim dslr ke??

aku tgk skung smpi bdk high skool pn dh pki..


kena beli jgk nie..

aku dh lame minat..

Friday, August 7, 2009

selagor INDIE concert 09

jamming lagi!

this time jam ngn band yg lom ader name lagi smpi skung setelah sekian lame ditubuhkan.
well hope smer ok je tonite.
ekceli aku pn x sure cmne bly join band nie.
x ingat.
diorunk nie mmg mmbr dari skola lg.
tp dlu band lain2.

aku (drummer skada)
afiq (guitar)
mirol (2nd guitar)
alip (bass)

jam kul 12am sket.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

damn u!

semalam hari yg malang bg org yg aku syg.
dier datang nak jumpe aku di cheras, tetibe..
hp aku berdering, aku pn jwb..

aishteru : tolong! kereta kena pecah! (sambil menangis)

aku : haa?? kt mane??

aishteru : kt kawasan flat dekat sini..

aku : konaja! (sambil mengambil kunci moto dan terus kuar umah)

aku tau jln mane yg dier slalu lalu klu nk dtg tempat aku. aku dgn laju pergi mencari dier. banyak sgt flat kt sini. tp naseb baek jumpe gak dier. dier sedang menangis. aku cube tenang kn dier. naseb baek hp dier x kena ambik. klu x xtau la pe jd kt dier. haish.

dier kena samun semasa berhenti di traffic light. penyamun tue pecah kn cermin tingkap blh passenger side dan amk handbag dier.
yg aku panas nyer. depan n belakang kete dier ader kete. tapi x tolong langsung!!
burok gler perangai!
at least tlg amk no plate moto penyamun tue!
nie habuk pn xde!
sikap org kite yg mementing kn diri sendiri.
xbly pki!

aku dpt penyamun tue siap la!

hmm..pas aku tenang kn dier aku pn bwk dier g wat report kt balai polis yg berdekatan.
afta dat g btol kn cermin tue.

mak dier mmg dh pesan jgn letak handbag kt atas seat. haish. malang tidak berbau.

so barang yg ilang adalah :

handbag guess
purse guess yg cume ader rm1 shj lam tue dgn ic n card2 atm n student card.
camera sony (baru beli tym pc fair ahad lalu) haish.

tue jela.

total lost : rm1k +++++

fyi dier kena samun kul 3pm.
cam dodol je! terang2 pn diorunk berani lg nk wat cmnie.
skung byk dh kes cmnie.

so korunk jaga2 la eh.
bagi gurl, bile drive handbag tue letak bwh seat korunk k.

Monday, August 3, 2009

just for laugh

someone once said that when a black man becomes president of the United States, pigs will fly.
sure enough, 100 days later, swine flu.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

real madrid kalah! haha..skada.


padan muke real!
kalah 2-1 ngn juventus.
hehe..actually aku mmg x sker real sejak ronaldo msk sane.
klu dier stay kn mu kn bagus.
6thn MU train dier jd power, dier bly nk blah plak.
xpela. nk wat cmne.
MU xde dier pn still power lg!


Saturday, August 1, 2009


blank 183 actually my band lame..
maen lagu2 blink 182.
so tonite gather n jamming blk!
tp xtau la terer lg ke x.


hope things goes perfectly tonite!

Friday, July 31, 2009

another blink 182!!

blink-182 has teamed with yet another artist by the name of Acorn to create this limited edition toy bunny. The bunny is 3 inches tall and full of fury. There will also be a 40cm tall version to follow limited to only 250 pieces.


blink 182 is on tour!!

congrats blink 182 sbb dh kembali bersatu. u guys rock!!

aku sker music yg diorunk buat.
sgt best!
skung diorunk dh kembali blk, aku tgh tgu album br diorunk.
tp skung diorunk tgh sibok wat tour.
ntah bler la album br nk kuar kn. haish.
btw blink 182 telah bekerjasama dgn Artist Maxx242 utk buat special limited edition silk screened poster utk diorunk nye tour.
n blink 182 mascot crappy dh bertukar! weehoo!!

new look of crappy punk rock!

n merchandise blink 182!!