Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The All-American Rejects here again by DiGi Music Live

You can thank DiGi Music for giving you a second chance! Tyson Ritter, Mike Kennerty, Chris Gaylor and Nick Wheeler will be putting on a full concert this time around so expect more of everything – more energy, more theatrics and, oh joy, more songs. Supporting acts include Pop Shuvit (fresh from Japan!), Disagree and Love Me Butch, who share the same passion for pop-punk, no doubt fitting in seamlessly with the night's sound. This concert from the All-American Rejects is made possible with DiGi Music Live, marking a serious effort from DiGi Music to bring their new DiGi Music Unlimited web and mobile service to the forefront. This service, a first in Malaysia, allows a DiGi customer to enjoy unlimited downloads from a dedicated website for RM5 a month. Hence, the only way to get a ticket to this show is to subscribe to the service online. Once you do, however, you'll get to download songs from an extensive music library of hits sourced from Universal Music and Sony Music. One subscriber can redeem one pass to the concert but it's on a tight first-come first-served basis, so you have to hurry!