Saturday, February 28, 2009

Indie Indeed @ Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, SG, 27 Feb - 1 Mar

Everybody Loves Irene

This three day event brings you performances by Malaysian post-rockers Deepset, Indonesian trip hoppers Everbody Loves Irene and Singaporean instrumentalists Amateur Takes Control. Plus Summer's Over, Shine, The Zozi and TKS.

Indie Indeed @ Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, Singapore

Fri 27 Feb
7:30pm - 8:15pm: Everybody Loves Irene
8:45pm - 9:30pm: Amateur Takes Control
10pm - 10:45pm: Deepset

Sat 28 Feb
7:30pm - 8:15pm: Summer's Over
8:45pm - 9:30pm; 10pm - 10:45pm: Shine

Sun 1 Mar
7:30pm - 8:15pm: The Zozi
8:45pm - 9:30pm: TKS

Cost: FREE!